Esperanto – Short Film
Fiction / 8’15”/ HDV / Color / 2009
Director: Enis Manaz

Subject: People living in different places of the world and don’t know each other affect their own lives unconsciously. Bitter coffee grains germinate love.

National Film Festivals
28. Uluslararası İstanbul Film Festivali, Kısa Film Yarışması, Kurmaca Dalı. 2009
3. 1’den 5’e Kısa Film Yarışması (En İyi Kısa Film)
21. İstanbul Uluslararası Kısa Film Festivali (Finalist)
10. İzmir Uluslararası Kısa Film Festivali (Gösterim)
7. Pam Kısa Film Festivali (Gösterim)
3. Kristal Klaket Kısa Film Yarışması (Finalist)
7. Metro Group Kısa Film Yarışması (Finalist)
Akbank 6. Kısa Film Festivali, Kurmaca Dalı. 2010 (Finalist)

International Film Festivals
2nd Potenza Short Movie Festival Youth In Action, Italy, 2009, (Nominated)
EuroShorts International Short Film Festival, Poland, 2009, (Nominated for International Fiction Movie)
XIV. Faludi International Youth Film Festival, Hungary, 2009, (Screening)
11th Madurai International Documentary and Short Film Festival, India, 2009, (Screening)
3rd International Rights Protection Film Festival “STEPS-2009”, Ukraine, 2009, (Nominated)
Malta Short Film Festival, Malta, 2009, (Screening)